The Smooth Dimmer

A Perfect Dimming Experience

Open a bottle, make yourself comfortable
and get your mood just right with our Rotary LED Dimmer.

Flicker-Free and Smooth dimming awaits.

Okay, so it might not be the number
one priority in our lives, but if we
had the choice of looking good and
not looking good, we know which
one we'd go for.

12W Downlights

Look Your Best

The 12C is perfect for small to medium sized spaces, making
you and your space look good Tru Colour.

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We know there's more to life than
being ridiculously good-looking. But
we also know that life's better when
you look good.

12B Bulb

Making things look 940 times (lumens)
better with Tru Colour.

Add extra 'oomph'tp interior space, with Tru Colour. It's what wasabi is to sushi and
it packs some mighty punch!

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